What's the difference between a Fashion Illustration and a Fine Art piece

Fashion illustrations will usually be rendered with illustration mediums only (art markers, color pencils, ), hand-drawn digitally, or both. The final product will likely be in the form of a print or digital file. These are usually the ones used in commercial projects.

Fine art pieces are painted with fine art mediums (acrylic, oil pastels, ink, and others) as well as illustration mediums, depending on the piece. Fine art paper or canvas is usually used and an original piece represents the finished work.

What's the difference between a Print and an Original?

Prints refer to the artwork printed on high-quality art paper. Giclée or Archival inks are used to ensure longevity and high quality of the piece. Prints come in Limited or Open Edition.

Original refers to the actual handmade art. It indicates that the piece was manually painted or drawn by the artist, either from scratch or on a partially printed piece.

What's the difference between consulting and branding/design services?

Consulting is based on answering questions related to the design process. Its main goal is to provide a guide on the how-tos of the industry. It is also the one to choose if you need referrals to manufacturers or other professionals in the industry. The client usually has limited to no knowledge about the fashion design industry.

The Branding/Design service is the actual production of a good with deliverables. Here, the Studio will create designs based on your requirements which will be delivered to the client electronically. The client should have basic knowledge of design.