Who We Are


Pily Montiel® Art Studio's mission is to create an art platform for the many, not for the few.
We want to educate individuals about classic and contemporary artists, with the aim of keeping art & creativity alive amongst the current generation, and hopefully make a collector out of all individuals. 



We offer Original Artworks and Limited Edition Fine Art prints from classic and contemporary artists. We also curated a selection of Open Edition Fine Art prints from world renowned creators, which allows us to offer our clients pieces at attainable prices.
In addition, the Studio further explores the world of design by providing home and lifestyle products that embody the poetic and artistic aesthetic that we so much praise.


Pily Montiel® Art Studio believes in bringing people together through creativity. For this reason, we welcome like-minded individuals that share the same values. Through this, we aim to build a community of current and new collectors, independent artist and art visionaries.


The Studio was founded by name-sake artist Pily Montiel. Pily launched the business in 2018, with the aim of creating a platform that would educate people on classic artists, shine a spotlight on contemporary ones, and ultimately encourage individuals to invest on Art.